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ToriStar's core photography service is ideal for E-commerce. We shoot clean, crisp photos of your product on a pure white background. Each image is professionally shot and edited in studio by our experienced staff of trained product photographers under the direction of our creative director. Most projects delivered 1-2 weeks after receipt of products. Contact us for a design consultation and tell us about your project. If you have questions about photography services and pricing, please contact us.

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*A $190 minimum applies to all first order, which is roughly equivalent to 4 standard photos, 2 Hero Shots, or any combination of services.

  • Transparencies - Transparencies can be added to any photo allowing your images to be used on a variety of backgrounds. Our team manually traces the outer edge of your product to clip it from the native white background. This enables your images to blend with whatever background you decide to use. ($8 per photo)
  • Hero Shots - A hero shot is our top white background service which includes everything in our core service above but with significantly higher resolution, extensive additional touch-up, and transparencies.   Shooting at 36 megapixels, each image is a whopping 7360 × 4912 pixels (before cropping). This is 4x the image size of our standard photos for maximum  clarity. Final prints sizes up to 24″ at 300 DPI or 48″ at 150 DPI. ($95 per photo)
  • Ghost Mannequin - A fitted look, no model required. Using special techniques, apparel can be photographed styled on a mannequin which is then removed in post production creating a hollow appearance commonly called “ghost mannequin” or “hollow man.” It’s a great solution allowing a fitted look without the need for a model. When shipping garments we recommend using medium sizes when possible. ($75 per photo)
  • Hand Modeling - An added touch. Great for showing products in use, demonstrating features, and giving a sense of scale, hand modeling can be added to any of our services above. Our studio staff and assistants will demonstrate your product while our photographers give direction. Your choice of male or female hands. ($30 per product)

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