Ambient Scent

Greet your guests and customers with a pleasant aroma every time they walk in the door with our most popular scent marketing service. With hundreds of scent options to choose from, we’re sure to have the right scent for your business no matter which type of industry or business you serve.


Vanquish unpleasant odors once with our line of odor-neutralizing scents. Odor neutralizing scents work by creating a safe chemical reaction which merges with the unpleasant odor lingering in the air. Our odor neutralizing scents combat unpleasant odors while releasing an effective smell into the surrounding space.

Fragrance Branding

With our fragrance branding program*, our team will help you create a scent tailored specifically to your brand. You can rest easy knowing the scent is used only for your brand, creating a truly memorable and custom brand experience for your customers.

Marketing Targeted to the Olfactory Sense

Scent Marketing is more than just diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space. It is the art of taking a company’s brand identity, marketing messages, target audience and creating a scent that amplifies these values. Scent branding has the ability to influence behavior and trigger memories almost instantaneously. Combined with other marketing cues, fragrance can amplify a brand experience and establish a long lasting connection with consumers.

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Customers  are willing to pay 10 - 15 percent more for the same product in a store that uses scent.


What Scent Marketing Can Do For You

Our sense of smell is the only sense directly hard-wired to our limbic system, which controls memory and emotion. We react emotionally to a scent before we can even identify the name of it. This has a subconscious effect on shopper behavior and spending patterns. Ambient scent has the strongest impact on enhancing consumer behavior.

Higher Sales

Turn browsing visitors into buying customers by keeping them in your business longer.

Brand Recognition

As the brain analyzes scent, it immediately creates a feeling or memory.

Increased Satisfaction

Scent amplifies the brand experience and establishes a long lasting connection with customers.


Our Top Selling Scents


Bespoke Scent Service for Your Business

Our scent specialists will work with you to develop the right scents for your business needs. No overwhelming scents. Just crisp, balanced aromas that enhance your customer satisfaction levels.

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Our in-house team of scent specialists will consult with you to help determine the best scent for your specific target market, brand and business goals.

Easy Installation

Our scent marketing equipment is quick and easy to install! Our team is here to help with install support or to connect you with technicians for more complex installations.

Service Management

Need a refill? Just let us know and we’ll get your scent on the way! Our support team is always just a click or call away. All aroma oil refills are included with the service.

Versatile Scent Diffusers


300 sq. ft. area


700 sq. ft. area


3500 sq. ft. area


50K - 100K sq. ft. area

What Our Customers Say

A fantastic organisation! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team is really informed and the extra mile at every stageof selecting our hotel fragrance. 

Great service, efficient communication and a really easy way to get a custom fragrance with lots of help and support to get the right diffuser.

Very polite and helpful customer service. Their response was very quick, especially when we needed to reorder fragrance for our diffusers. We always get compliments for our hotel aroma.