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It’s not December, but I’m already thinking about business holiday cards. Whether you celebrate holidays during December or not, sending an annual greeting card can help market your business. Here’s why — business holiday cards will help:

Sending a business holiday card is the number one way to tell your clients and employees how important they are to the success of your company. Additionally, sending an annual greeting card can help market your business.

Here's ToriStar's top reasons why custom designed holiday cards make an impact:

  1. Generate goodwill. It’s a great way to greet your clients, vendors and other contacts in a non-salesy way.
  2. Brand your business. By including your logo, slogan and business name, you reinforce your brand.
  3. Market your services. Send holiday cards to "dead" clients and perhaps revive your business. After the holidays last year, I got a request for a quote — and my client specifically mentioned that the card reminded him it was time to start working on marketing plans for the New Year.
  4. Offer gratitude. With a holiday card, you can say "thanks" for help, business or other positive points.
  5. Break through the noise. Whereas a direct mail campaign may or may not be read, most prospects and clients will open a holiday greeting card.

Invest in business holiday cards now and you’ll beat the rush. By starting today, you’ll have enough time to order personalized cards — they’re a very inexpensive way to market your brand.


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